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Our Services

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Bottle Drive

Bottle drives are an excellent way for your sports team, community association, children’s group, school or non-profit organizations to raise money.

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Excellent service and staff. Accurate count. With regards to the poster on your wall asking a question – here’s an answer: God made one race, the human race, with many cultures and colors for his good pleasure; came into that human race as an image bearer himself to show the standard of perfection necessary for an eternal life and pay with that life and take on all imperfections so you’ll have a way to an eternal life. I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by me. Meet Him. See you in the kingdom. Thank you for your excellent service.

zack zip, Google Review

Tried to visit bottle depots in the north and found this depot is the best among others. Staff and the owners are amazing as they welcomes you very warm and very friendly. They even helped me to unload my bottles. Fantastic! If the review can give them ten stars, I would! Surely recommend to my friends to visit this place as i never get shorted to my refund. Fast, accurate and well organize service. Thank you Legal Bottle depot for being honest and the great service!

I have had nothing but the greatest and most professional service from the owners and staff at Legal Bottle Depot. I drive 30 min to go to them, when there is a bottle depot 1 block from my home. Honest, reliable and quick service

Blair Poulin, Google Review

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